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 Coronavirus - March 2020

In less than two months the world has changed. Change which has impacted on all of us; the way we live, the way we work and how we behave.

 At Scotia Wealth Management we have accepted these imposed changes and have adapted our work practices to achieve two  objectives 

·      Protect our staff and serve our clients. 

This means for the immediate future we work remotely to maintain client services and to the best of our abilities conduct business as usual.

 Following Government, advice our office is formally closed and only accessed on a limited basis. 

 All client meetings will be virtual, which is to say by using the  technology available. 

 Irrespective of these changes business practices  – we are here for you.

 Getting in touch is simple – contact your advisor by email or their mobile number.


At Scotia Wealth Management we always endeavour to act upon any instruction in a timely manner. For obvious reasons we may experience slower than normal response times due to the contingency arrangements in place with our providers.



Coronavirus April 2020

Irrespective of the changes we have been forced to accept, I want you to know the personal relationships we have with each of our clients’ will always comes first.

Since the COVID19 took hold of our lives, the way we live, work, exercise, entertain, and the way our investments behave has changed. As a result we have had to adapt to using technology in different ways. Technology is a tool, not an alternative or replacement for the interaction between Scotia and our clients.

 At Scotia we were early adopters of new technology, so much so that in 2019 we trialled an doomsday – what if scenario - what if our building disappeared or was “shut-down” Little did we know at the time how close we would be to our present day reality

It was such a success; those practices are what we are using today.

While working remotely - our back-office system allows clients’ information to be both protected and accessed offsite.  This allows you to confirm details of your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure in a secure digital environment thereby ensuring we have correct and up to date information.

On a day-to-day basis it allows us to continue operate as though we are in Salamander Street.

Another new piece of technology is Zoom – a multiple participant group meeting software, whereby you remain where you are and meet us as though we were in the same room.

Irrespective of any new technology we introduce, it is the personal relationship that makes our relationships work. We care about you first – because without you, there will be no Scotia Wealth management.

On behalf of all of us at Scotia Wealth management I wish you well and ask that you take care to avoid any and all infections at this time


Kindest regards



Interview with Tatton Investment Management June 2020


Bill Smith of Scotia Wealth Management has another discussion with Lothar Mentel, the CEO of Tatton Investment Management. 

 This was a follow on meeting with an update on the markets, I hope that you will find the video interesting

Please find the link to the interview with Lothar here:




Interview with Tatton Investment Management April 2020

Bill Smith of Scotia Wealth Managements interview with Lothar Mentel the CEO of Tatton Investment Management.

We have used some of our client questions in order to provide an insight into the current market conditions. 

I hope that you find the video useful to access click on the link below.


If you have any questions please give me a call




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UK News

Matt Hancock is urging anyone who is unsure about having a Covid jab to "look at the situation in Bolton".
The jobs market is showing "early signs of recovery" as unemployment rate falls, official figures show.
Police say there is enough evidence to look for human remains in the search for Mary Bastholm, 15.
A student petition calls it "ridiculous" as some UK universities keep lectures online for next term.
There is increasing concern about financial support if people can't return to work.

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